BellTower Entertainment
"About Us"

We at BellTower Entertainment strive to deliver the best in Karaoke DJ, and Video DJ Entertainment. Located in Brampton, Ontario, we cover all of Southern Ontario. Following are some of the points which make us a prime choice in the Entertainment Service world.

Bell Two (2) Person Show (minimum) - We have 3 reasons for this:

Bell MUSIC BETWEEN SONGS - This eliminates dead air and a sense of 'waiting' for a singer to start. We can upon request put in Dance Breaks…(5-10 minutes every hour) if the crowd is in the mood to work up a thirst.

Bell WISH LIST - We find out what your patrons like to sing and refer to this list. They will go where their songs can be found

Bell EQUIPMENT - The excellent quality of our sound is produced by an 800 Watt 812 Audio Pro Mixing Board pushing through twin Yorkville Elite Speakers with a 200 Watt Powered Sub-Woofer to fill in the bottom end.

Bell SONGS - OVER 8500 songs in our Diamond system, over 7000 songs in our Saphire system, and over 4000 songs in our Opal system, and they're EVER GROWING! We endeavor to increase our selection by at least 150 songs a month, and can boast a wide range of popular music to please every genre. We have a selection of all categories...Pop, Classic Rock, Easy Listening, Jazz, Soul, Old Country, New Country etc. This never stops being updated - part of the money you spend to entertain your patrons, gets re-invested into more music to please them. Our songbooks are sorted in two separate volumes: Artist, and Song title and in both volumes the New Additions are added as they come available. The books are kept clean and updated at least twice a year

Bell WEB PAGE - Your venue is listed on our web site - this feature will put you on the net. We also list you on a page where anyone who wants to look up Karaoke for their visit to your area will be able to find your establishment.

BellHOSTS - We hire only trained and experienced staff, only the best for our customers. As well, we like to rotate our hosts...not on a spit...(which is also a growing list) offer your customer variety and a sense of something new ... so we don't become 'the same old thing'.

Bell PROPS - We all love toys and we have a prop box for the energetic person who wishes to portray an intricate lick on the lead inflatable guitar, to the group who wants to tribute the Y.M.C.A.


  • Inhouse
  • 8.5x11.0' wall flyers and table tents
  • 13.0 x 21.0' color posters
  • Outside - we can assist to make the master for your ad or can arrange for local distribution to selected areas.......we have kids!
  • Bell Song Selection Slips - we keep the customers songs so they don't have to keep re-writing their selections...another convenience to the customer that you may ask how this small courtesy affects you. Well, it makes your customer feel welcome when he/she walks though your door and they are greeted with a 'Glad to see you are your slips, if you have your first song decided on, we will get you in on this rotation'. How do YOU feel when you walk in your home and your favourite snack is made and you receive a welcome from those who care about you. Well, your customer has had a long hard day at work too, but it's the greeting they will find when they go to relax, have a brew and sing a couple of tunes in your establishment.

    Bell The Owners - Ah well what can I say. We are Karaoke Fans ourselves and have been on the Karaoke scene for over 11 years now. That is 7 years of practice and 5 years in operation as a company. The 1 st year we spent doing private functions for companies and personal parties, gaining the experience as Hosts and accustoming ourselves with our equipment. Norm, one half of the BellTower Entertainment, has done extensive research and has an amazing ability to blend music with vocal as well as sings a variety of Rock and Country Classics, while Jo-Anne, that's me, has traveled the hard road to the point we are at. I have had 1 year of Vocal lessons and admittedly, there are many who sing far better, but and it is a big BUT here, Karaoke is for those who aren't out signing record deals. Yep, ordinary people like me who love to sing and have a good time. How often have you heard, 'I don't want to follow her/him! I'm not that good'. It happens, then they don't screw up the courage to try for fear of being the worst. It is also for that reason, we will purposely try new songs before perfecting them. The more we make your customers feel at ease, the more likely they will return and bring friends. For the record, I do a few Rock and Pop songs and a lot more Old and New Country.

    BellTower Entertainment has 3 Karaoke systems, a 2 DJ systems and a Video DJ system, and we are proud to say they are good ones and while the lure of the dollar hovers over our heads, it doesn't take away from what we want our company to be......Quality. When we aren't doing a gig, we are out supporting other Karaoke and DJ's for, 1. Our own enjoyment, 2. To keep in practice and learn new songs, and 3. To see if there are other good ideas to pick up to enhance our service to you or to avoid copying errors or bad habits that we see other K.J.'s do. Our aim is to give you and the customer the best non-problematic, entertaining show possible and we keep in the forefront of our minds that the people who cross your threshold are OUR customers too.

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