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General FAQ's
Q: How are your DJ services are different from others?
A:We purposely do not encourage becoming a Large DJ firm, because we don't want to lose that 'personal' feeling. There are enough companies out in the GTA who boast having a dozen or two DJ's in their stable and that is all well and good. Personally, we prefer to handle the arrangements ourselves, and have a hands on commitment with the Bride and Groom, and never just 'shuffle' their contract onto someone else. As far as we are concerned, by taking on quite a larger calendar of weddings, the possibility of customer service can be compromised. BellTower's entertainment survival is NOT dependant on getting a certain number of DJ contracts, for we also have karaoke and band referral; therefore, we don't have to dilute our service to you, the customer. Weddings are too important when it comes to details to compromise on service and attention. We have been fortunate enough with this philosophy to have been blessed with couples that have now become friends with us.
Q: What about cancelations?, if I have to cancel my wedding, do you refund?
A:We refund up to 2 weeks prior to the wedding. If circumstances happen that you need to change the date, you won't need to lose the first deposit and make another. We are reasonable people and our aim is to help in any way we can. Just talk to us.
Q: How long have you been in business?
A:We have been in business since 1998. We started out with providing Karaoke entertainment, then in the year 2001, we entered the DJ business. Yes, we are still a young company, but we feel we put 150% into customer service and preparation.
Q: How many weddings have you done?
A:We do about 4 - 6 weddings a year. We are as selective on the weddings we do as we hope our clients are selective about their DJ company.
Q: Can you give me some references that I can contact?
A:Yes, contact us for a recent list.

Presentation & Consultation FAQ's
Q: What is your usual attire for weddings?
A:Suit & tie for the male and females are in semi-formal apparel. If you require formal attire such as tuxsedo's, there is an added charge to cover the rental.
Q: Do I send you a list of the songs I want played, and the songs I want to be avoided.
A:This is covered in the consultations we will have, but it is great when the client sends us updates. What you want played NOW, will probably be changed closer to the date in favour of something else. Tastes and influences change with time, and in the final week we work with you to fine tune the details.
Q: Do you take breaks?
A:The only breaks we would have is either before the guests arrive and all checks out to be working well and if, as the client, you tell us to. This can happen during speeches when no music is required, BUT we are still with our equipment in case you need us. Once we arrive at your venue, we are ALWAYS on duty.
Q: Does the DJ Drink?
A:If the customer prefers any of our people NOT to drink alcohol, they don't, but if the customer has no such restrictions, then we permit our DJ's and assistants to have a couple. This meaning 2 or 3 during the course of the whole evening. Most times, even when allowed, we may only have one close to the end of the evening. We are there for you and your guests to have a good time, and in order for us to ensure that you do have a good time, as well as a safe one, sobriety is a requirement.
Q: Will you go and take a look at my wedding location ahead of time?
A:Absolutely! This is a must. We also test the electrical outlets and let you know if they are up to standards. Some of the older venues have outdated outlets. We also need to check the size, positioning of the DJ to the dance floor, what the hall is made of, does it have a foyer and will this impact the proceedings of the wedding?... there is so much that can only be determined by going to the venue itself and making contact with the venue staff.
Q: Do you hang any banners?
A:No, the most we do is put out a discrete card holder with our business card.

Equipment FAQ's
Q: How do you handle unexpected equipment failures?
A:To make sure every event goes as smoothly as possible, we first test the full system before it leaves for the event. As an added precaution we bring a complete set of backup equipment. This equipment is set up such that in the event of a single device failure, we can switch over within seconds to minimize any disruption to the flow of the event.
Q: Do you have backup equipment?
A:YES! Definitely and we aim to be set up at least half an hour prior to your first guests arrival as a precaution. If anything ends up not working, it gives us enough time to fix the situation.

Licencing FAQ's
Q: Do you have Liability Insurance?
A:Yes. As members in good standing with the CDJA (Canadian Disc Jockey Association), we do. We are fully insured.
Q: Are you a licenced DJ?
A:Yes. As members in good standing with the CDJA, we are. We are fully licensed through the A.V.L.A (Audio Visual Licencing Agency).

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